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International Conference


Conference site in Pavilion No. 2

Conference languages – Lithuanian and English (simultaneous translation). 


Thursday, 28 September


10:00 Opening of the Conference and welcome speeches.

10:20 Sustainable Livestock Farming.
               Saulius Kunickis, Adviser to the Livestock and Animal Welfare Division, Department of Sustainable Agricultural Production and Food Industry, Ministry of Agriculture.

10:50 The Importance of Cattle in Improving Humus Content.
               Gintautas Migonis, farmer, Chairman of the Council of the Lithuanian Association of Beef Cattle Breeders and Improvers.

11:10 – Animal Breeding and Genomic Selection of Dairy Cattle in Latvia.
               Maris Lidaks, Breeding specialist from the Latvian Animal Breeding Association.

11:35 Why We Need Breeding, Selection and Cattle Shows in the Beef Sector: The Estonian Example.
Jane Mättik, President of the Estonian Beef Cattle Association.
Foreign speaker; waiting for confirmation.

12:00Discussion “Making Livestock Farming More Competitive: Sustainable Development and Challenges”.
               Discussion with invited guests (representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture, heads of associations of livestock breeders, other invited guests).

14:00Genomic Selection of Diary Cattle.
               Dr.Edvardas Gedgaudas, Director of the Lithuanian Cattle Breeders Association.

14:25Genomic Selection of Beef Cattle.
               Dr. Giedrė Jarienė, Research Worker at VMU AA Animal Production Research and Innovation Centre.

14:50Good Practices in the Implementation of RDP Projects under the Measures “Knowledge Transfer and Information Actions”, “Farm and Business Development”, “Investments in Physical Assets”.
               Project implementers: Monika Pareigienė, farmer; Dr. Arūnas Rutkauskas, farmer, Head of the Association of Organic Beef Cattle Breeders; Dr. Rolandas Bleizgys, Professor at VMU AA Faculty of Engineering.

15:50Educational programme “Get to Know Premium Beef: Why Should You Choose It” Part I.


Friday, 29 September


10:00Breeding the way to low methane cows.
               Peter Van Beek, Semex Geneticist and Business Analyst, The Netherlands.

10:30 Biosecurity on Farms: An Obligation or a Daily Routine?
               Dr. Alvydas Malakauskas, Professor at LUHS VA Faculty of Veterinary Medicine.

11:00 Application of Specific Biomarkers in Lithuanian Farms.
               Dr. Ramūnas Antanaitis, Professor at LUHS VA Faculty of Veterinary Medicine.

11:30The Importance of Improving Cow Reproduction in Modern Dairy Farming.
                Dr. Vytuolis Žilaitis, Professor at LUHS VA Faculty of Veterinary Medicine.

12:30Influence of Dairy Cattle Rations and Feeding Technologies on Farm Profitability Indicators.
               Dr. Rolandas Stankevičius, Professor at LUHS VA Faculty of Animal Sciences.

14:00 Subsequent productivity and reproduction in embryo-donor cows after multiple ovulation and embryo flushing procedures.
               Dr. Ilga Šematoviča, Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies Faculty of Veterinary medicine, Clinical institute docent.

14:30Application of the Innovative Reproduction Monitoring for the Increase of Beef Cattle Farming Activities and Competitiveness.
               Dr. Artūras Šiukščius, Dr. Rasa Nainienė, senior research workers at LUHS Institute of Animal Science.

15:00Biotechnological Products for Reducing GHG Emissions on Intensive Dairy Farms.
               Dr. Virginijus Uchockis, research worker at LUHS Institute of Animal Science.

15:30 Trends and Benefits of Animal Welfare
               Dr. Vytautas Ribikauskas, Lecturer at LUHS Faculty of Veterinary Medicine.

16:00Educational programme “Get to Know Premium Beef: Why Should You Choose It” Part II.


Conference languages – Lithuanian and English (simultaneous translation).

*The organisers reserve the right to make changes to the conference programme. 

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