International industrial hemp business event “Cannabis Hub.LT 2023”
is being organized
by the Centre for Business and Social Partnership at the VMU Agriculture Academy
and the Association of Industrial Hemp Growers, Processors and Business Innovators
on 27–28 September 2023

"Cannabis.Hub.LT 2023" is a traditionally organized annual international hemp business celebration, which will include a hemp business exhibition and a conference "Fiber hemp business potential, strengthening cooperation between the Baltic countries and Ukraine". Everyone interested in fiber hemp business opportunities, legal regulation and support of this business, and the latest technological achievements are welcome at the event.

The themes of the exhibition:

  • Construction using hemp composite materials;
  • Certified seeds of industrial hemp and modern cultivation technologies;
  • Organic fertilizers, plant protection products and bio stimulants;
  • Equipment and technology for drying and storing industrial hemp products;
  • Fiber hemp products (food, cosmetics, etc.);
  • Selection, research and consultancy services of industrial hemp;
  • Other.

HEMP BUSINESS EXHIBITION. The participants of the exhibition will have the opportunity to present fiber hemp production and equipment to farmers and businessmen of Lithuania and other Baltic countries. In previous years, the event attracted business delegations from Latvia, Estonia, Finland and even distant Japan.

CONFERENCE. The main focus will be on the measures used by the state and international organizations, which increase the possibilities of the hemp business of the Baltic countries to provide support to Ukraine. The conference will introduce the latest technological solutions for hemp cultivation and harvesting. Given the complex geopolitical conditions and in order to ensure complete human nutrition in extreme conditions, much attention will be paid to uncovering the nutritional value of hemp. The production of various construction materials using hemp composites will also be examined. Another important topic will be touched on - the benefits of cannabinoids in treating people with post-traumatic stress syndrome.
Conference reports will be translated into Lithuanian, English and Russian.


Open hours 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Attendance at the event is free.



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