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International industrial hemp business event
“Cannabis Hub.LT 2022”
is being organized by the Centre for Business and Social Partnership at the VMU Agriculture Academy
and the Association of Industrial Hemp Growers, Processors and Business Innovators
on 25–26 February 2022


The themes of the exhibition:

  • Specialized agricultural machinery (seeders, harvesting machinery, etc.).
  • Certified seeds of industrial hemp and modern cultivation technologies.
  • Organic fertilizers, plant protection products and biostimulants.
  • Equipment and technologies for seed and biomass processing.
  • Equipment and technology for drying and storing fibre hemp products.
  • Hemp products (food, feed, cosmetics, fertilisers, etc.).
  • Work tourism and recreation services on hemp farms.
  • Institutions administering and supporting the development of the industrial hemp business.
  • Selection, research and consultancy services of industrial hemp.

Attendance at the event is free.

Attendees must provide National, the EU Digital Covid Certificate, or other equivalent certification in Lithuanian or English languages, showing one of the following conditions:

  • having completed the prescribed anti-SARS-CoV-2 vaccination cycle, or
  • that you have recovered from COVID-19 (the certificate of recovery is valid for 180 days from the date of the first positive swab);
  • a statement of the result of the negative test (SARS-CoV-2 PCR test or negative result of the rapid SARS-CoV-2 antigen test not more than 48 hours before the time of sampling),
  • identity document.

Persons under the age of 16 are not required to have an Opportunity Passport.