___ About us ___

Agricultural Science and Technology Park is a subdivision of the VDU Agricultural Academy (hereinafter referred to as ŽŪMTP).

ŽŪMTP was established in 1998 as a self-supporting department of the Lithuanian University of Agriculture. Since then, we have organized more than 100 exhibitions and other events at national and international level.

We are proud to be the organisers of the largest international agricultural exhibition in the Baltic states "Ką pasėsi” as well as of the World Ploughing contest which took place in 2007.

Throughout our history, we have handed over 300 medals to exhibition winners for the most innovative, cutting-edge and exclusive exhibits. We have also held over 1700 seminars that made our agricultural exhibitions unique events that have additional educational role in the field of agriculture. 

Our goal is to facilitate the University's cooperation with business and social partners. We aim to share knowledge and ideas here and establish important contacts. By keeping old and attracting new clients, we try to make sure that the visitor not only learns, sees, hears, but also tests the innovations presented.

We are more than happy to be the first in Lithuania to design and present a unique, new format virtual exhibition, which can itself be boldly called an innovation.

ŽŪMTP is open to new ideas for joint action. If you have offers and are looking for partners to help with your ideas, we invite you to contact our team.