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VSPC kolektyvas, darbuotojai

The Business and Social Partnership Centre (hereinafter referred to as BSPC) is a non-academic unit of VMU Agriculture Academy (hereinafter referred to as the Academy), which was established as a result of the reorganization of the former Agricultural Science and Technology Park (hereinafter referred to as ASTP).

The aim of the BSPC is to facilitate the cooperation of the Agriculture Academy with business and social partners. The key interest is sharing knowledge and ideas, establishing fruitful contacts, and organizing various activities.

By retaining long-standing partners and attracting new ones, we want the public to notice and get to know and try out the innovations introduced by us. An excellent example of a partnership with a business that has already been implemented is the improvement of the Agriculture Academy’s infrastructure.

One of our most visible activities in the public is organizing exhibitions. In total, the Agriculture Academy has organized more than 100 national and international exhibitions and other events.

We are proud to be the host of the largest international agricultural exhibition in the Baltic States, “Ką pasėsi...”. The exhibition, which has been held for 25 years, has recently attracted participants of around 300 Lithuanian and foreign businesses, as well as an equal number of small craftsmen, gardeners, and national heritage promoters. Each year, the exhibition attracts about 80,000 visitors both from Lithuania and neighboring countries.

We are proud that two more events, namely, the Republic of Lithuania President’s Cup in Show Jumping and the World Ploughing Championship held in 2007, were organized by the Centre.

More than 1,700 seminars were held during the exhibitions, making the Academy’s exhibitions a unique educational event dedicated to agriculture. More than 300 winner’s medals were awarded to exhibitors for the most innovative, advanced and outstanding exhibits. The winners are selected by a competent jury.

Every year, the Agriculture Academy’s hosted exhibitions are attended by the country’s top leaders.

We are delighted to be the first in Lithuania to implement a 3D virtual exhibition, which we can confidently call an innovation.

The BSPC is open to new ideas for joint activities. If you have suggestions and are looking for partners to help you implement them, we look forward to seeing you!