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The exhibition Inno Panorama 2019 was attended by over 250 companies, organisations, and small businesses. The attending public took interest in seminars (over 30 events in total) on industrial hemp, ecological construction, vertical farming, support of innovations, and many other subjects. Some of the educational events were held at the discussion space located near the companies’ expositions in the exhibition’s pavilion, where visitors could talk directly with the seminar lecturers. This was also the location of the networking zone (B2B), where people could not only establish useful contacts but also consult experts of specific fields.

One area was particularly popular at the exhibition: the Agroinnovations Avenue, an outdoor space in which each company was permitted to present one innovative product. These exhibits were awarded a special sign of Innovation of the Year by the exhibition organisers.

Participants of Agroinnovations Avenue:

  • UAB Agrokoncernas – the Division of Innovations and Research was presented
  • AB Agrokoncerno Technika – precision systems for smart farming
  • UAB Aljara – Ferbanat (biological stimulator)
  • UAB Audrokesta –Horsch Leeb 5LT (sprayer)
  • UAB Autotoja – Toyota Camry (vehicle)
  • UAB Biodinamika – Agrolinija-S (liquid organic fertilizer)
  • UAB Bioenergy LT – Bacto Seed (seed treatment product)
  • UAB Ekodrena – Ekodrena (regulated drain system)
  • UAB Ivabaltė – Fendt 1050 Vario (tractor)
  • UAB Konekesko Lietuva – Claas lexion 6700 TT (combine)
  • AB Kretingos Grūdai – mixture of extruded feed materials supplemented with thyme extract
  • UAB Laumetris – PK-4 (industrial hemp mower)
  • UAB Margučiai – MCMS (multifunctional subsoiler)
  • UAB Nextrade – a business management system and trade platform for agrobusinesses
  • UAB Ozono Centras – ecological technology for application of ozone in grain processing and for covering of grain in humic substances
  • UAB Progressus Group – permeable pavement Akmens Takas, Akmens Kelias
  • UAB Pasvalio Agrodileris – a rotary harrow
  • UAB Rovaltra – Valtra T234 Direct (a wheeled tractor)

Five of the most valuable exhibits at Inno Panorama 2019 were awarded medals and diplomas of the exhibition.

Medals of Inno Panorama 2019, the first exhibition dedicated for the promotion of innovations, were awarded to:

  • Technology of hyperspectral data analysis (UAB ART21)
  • Robotic lawn mower Stihl RMI 632 PC (Mocevičius’ company Ginalas)
  • System for the provision and demonstration of services of precision farming technologies (public enterprise Lietuvos Žemės Ūkio Konsultavimo Tarnyba)
  • Subsoiler DPL-3 (UAB Laumetris)
  • Wheeled tractor Valtra T234 Direct (UAB Rovaltra)


Congratulations to the winners and best of luck to them in their future activities!



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